Dating and Gift Giving


Let’s talk dating and gifts!

Last week was my birthday, so in honor of that, I thought I’d share a fun gift I gave my guy when his birthday popped up a month into our dating.

Because I’m on a real tight budget and because our relationship was so new, his gift couldn’t be too expensive or too lovey-dovey, but I wanted it to be special. Something creative. And because we were officially dating (meaning, we mutually knew we liked the other), it could have some romantic tones, just not heavy-handed ones.

So I honestly prayed that God would give me a good idea because I’m not naturally crafty. Truth is, I can’t craft my way out of a paper bag. I once taught preschool Sunday school and my pictures—that were supposed to serve as models for the projects—looked like a mom put a crayon in a baby’s hand and let her go to town. So there I was, praying for creativity as I entered the dollar store. The Dollar Tree to be exact. Yes, the one where everything is truly one dollar or less.

Sidenote: My man and I LOVE the Dollar Tree. Case in point: We got excited just last week over seeing Mucinex there and bought like five boxes a piece for the winter months. I mean, that stuff is pricey! And we skipped out of there with our bags of Mucinex like two kids coming out of a candy store.

Anyways, so there I was, wandering around the Dollar Tree, thinking of possible creative gifts, when I saw the Cracker Jack box. First of all, oh my goodness. Flashback to childhood and being all excited to see what the prize was! And I thought of how a few weeks ago, J. and I had crashed a college baseball game. Then, as I wandered around the store, I had an epiphany—

Summer birthday bucket list bag! (Try that tongue twister!)

Each item I placed in the bag would represent something fun we could do this summer. So, as you can see in the pic, I was thinking pool, picnic, grilling out (J. loves to grill), etc. And because I am cheesy and old school, I bought a frame too because I wanted to also give him a pic of us to put on his dresser. It was SO MUCH FUN to walk around the store and be inspired by each item and the fun activity it represented. And when I got home, I printed out a blank list that we could fill in together.

A friend also pointed out the gift was fun but showed too that I wanted to keep J. around a bit as I was hinting at making future plans. Ooh, how would he take that?…

When J. opened his gifts on his birthday, I was hoping he didn’t think me cheap or the gift chintzy, but he loved it. It was from the heart, bought from a place we both loved, and showed him I thought he was pretty special and couldn’t wait to have more adventures together.

So, what are some of the best gifts you’ve received from those you’ve dated, a significant other, or a friend? What made them special? Any ideas for good gifts to give in the early stages of dating?

Feel free to share my idea and your own ideas for fun date gifts in the Comments! 🙂

I love birthdays, even when the candles get increasingly more apt to set my cake on fire!




  1. I’ve never been one for expensive jewelry, though I did like to get flowers when my husband and I were dating. I sang him a Celtic lullaby on something like our third date. I hadn’t planned it as a gift exactly, but it felt special when he told me no one had ever sang a song just for him. We still like the Dollar Tree and got excited about finding canned clams there for $1. I’m glad you can get scented candles there, because that’s my favorite gift to give and receive – pretty, yet functional.

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