FROG: Fully Rely on God (to Help You Pick Anniversary Gifts When You’re Not the Hallmark Type)



Anniversaries are special. Whether you’re a stickler for dates or a person who’s not into anniversaries or “Hallmark holidays,” I think you’ll like this idea! It’s even something you can do as an end-of-year/New Year’s Day activity. Or “game,” as my guy called it when he made the “activity” more competitive (typical guy). 😉

You can start by making or buying a special container for your significant other, or you can use any kind of jar. I chose a frog (I’ll explain later). My original idea was to fill my frog jar with things I loved about my guy or a letter explaining why I chose this particular jar (the memory it reminded me of) or memories of our past year. But the week got away with me (deadlines and taxes!). Thankfully, the Holy Spirit saved me with this EVEN MORE FUN idea that my man and I could do together.

Playing the memory game!

(I’m serious; without the creative inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I’d be lost. He has saved me many a time in this department when I ask Him. Our God is a creative God! And I swear He loves Dollar Tree as much as I do.)

So originally, I was thinking Justin and I could sit down at a local café and together brainstorm ideas from the last year to put in the jar. But then, my man went and made it more competitive, which actually was more fun I think! So basically, you have your own little stack of paper. You each write a memory at the same time. When you’re both finished writing, you take turns sharing the memory. Justin and I had fun listening to what the other picked and thought was special, and sometimes one of the memories “trumped” the other, or I “cheated” with bullet points on one slip of paper for all the people I introduced him to, but all these variations just made it fun. (Words of affirmation love-language folks, listen up! If you’re longing for more words, make something a game or a challenge. And out.)

Anyways, besides this game being fun, Jesus surprised both of us with what He did that night.

So I chose the frog item because it reminded me of one of our most special memories—the night we got our cheesecake to go, eating it on the edge of an outdoor stage under a blanket of stars and the sounds of frogs croaking. We joked they were singing for us. When we were done with our cheesecake, we stepped onto the huge stage and danced with each other, thanking God for putting us together and this perfect night. I felt God smiling down at us. (I also felt like I was on The Bachelorette, truth be told!)

While not every date or time together is like that, I love to revisit that night in my mind; it was so incredibly beautiful and blessed.

So yes, the frog item I found was a frog jar. And then came the idea to fill it. And then came a friend telling me that the acronym FROG stands for Fully Rely on God, which was just PERFECT. And then came the night of our anniversary and Justin setting out the dessert he had brought and me setting out the gift I had brought and it hitting me first and then Justin: here we were, again, eating cheesecake with the frogs. I love when God winks at us. I LOVE it. And for some reason, He loves helping me with creative gift ideas for my partner, which is great because this is not my natural thing!

Anyways, if you’re looking for a fun anniversary or end-of-year activity, perhaps this will inspire!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! I’ll be away this weekend, but it won’t be too long until I share another post. Congrats if you’re celebrating an anniversary!!!



  1. Love this idea. I could extend it to birthday memories for my sons who are grown. And other loved ones since I have no anniversaries with a romantic other at this moment in time. But good for future ideas.

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