Tell Me Your First-Date-Ever Story


This is a post about first-dates-ever. And I want to hear yours in the comments!

So let me start with the confession that my dating history is full of choices of men who didn’t get my faith, who pushed my boundaries and didn’t understand my morals or values, or who simply didn’t get me. But there is one story before the messy history began that I am so happy I have.

My first real date.

I have the sweetest first-date story. I mean, I’m sure there are sweeter and more creative first-date stories, but I simply love the pure and sweet innocence of mine. And I hope if I ever have children, they have the same type of experience.

I was in eighth grade, my last year of junior high, and I had a crush on my older brother’s friend’s little brother (does that make sense?) He was so cute! He was in seventh grade, had red hair, and was on the wrestling team. My friend Renee and I would spy on his practices after school, peeking in the little window and watching his practice matches. Somehow, fate, the stars, someone looking out for little nerd me, put us together under the same picnic pavilion during the last week of school before summer break—during the annual outdoor fun day. (Our middle school was right next to the neighborhood park.) As R. (I’ll call him that) and I sat at the picnic table and played Jenga, the warmth and excitement of summer on our heels, I felt the sweet nervousness of realizing that this boy I liked might actually like me back.

Somehow, this girl who couldn’t even say hi to a boy found herself being called on the telephone and asked to a movie. (This was still the day of corded family phones and the cordless phones that were as thick as a loaf of bread.) The day of the movie, I remember carefully choosing my outfit: jeans and my brother’s oversized burgundy Syracuse sports-team sweatshirt (this was high style back then). I’m sure I wore a scrunchie on my wrist too. That afternoon, my dad drove me over to R’s house, and I remember my heart skipping a beat as he stepped out of his house, dressed in a black button-down shirt and black jeans, his shaggy red hair shining bright despite the rainy day.

I couldn’t believe I was going on a real date. (!!!)

My dad dropped us off, and we ordered popcorn and drinks and watched The Flintstones movie on the big screen. I don’t remember R. trying to put his arm around me or anything, but I do remember being super excited to be there.


After the movie, we decided we’d like to walk around the mall, so R. called his mom (on a pay phone), and we strolled around the mall, going into the fun stores, like the science store, where R. bought us astronaut ice cream. We sat outside, eating space food and waiting for his mom to pick us up. We were so comfortable with each other, and I was surprised by it, even at the time, that I could be sitting there with this cute boy who liked me, just being my nerdy self and having fun. I can see his mom’s face in my memory as she pulled up and we piled in the car (I’m pretty sure we both sat in the back), asking us all kinds of questions about our afternoon, smiling with the smile only a mom can have when she’s excited her youngest son is on a date with a “nice girl.”

Anyways, R. and I would talk on the phone for most of the summer, and at first it was so sweet, despite the usual nerves of talking to a guy you liked. But as the summer inched to a close, I felt I was the one calling more often, and I made the decision he must not like me, so I stopped calling. Later, in late high school, I found out that he had really liked me and wondered why I had stopped calling. I probably would have discovered that if I had just communicated with him. Or if he had just called me.

But c’est la vie—such is life. I was on the cusp of going into high school. And he was still in junior high. We were young. Still, looking at my dating history’s beginnings, I wonder at how healthy and sweet it all was. And it makes me want to reflect on these sweet beginnings and what helped me then, and what happened after to make me begin to make choices that didn’t honor myself and didn’t feel so sweet.

I’m so happy this is my first-date story, though, one I can look back on and smile about.

Sorry to take you on a rambling trip down memory lane. But now I want to hear your first-date-ever stories. And do you have any memory triggers of the date, like astronaut ice cream? Ramble away! 🙂

What was your very first date?

Have a wonderful week!!!







  1. I though your story was very adorable and cute. I sure wish mine went that way. Mine always ended with finding bad things out and slowly stop liking the person I was with. But hey, the world if full of men I haven’t found yet. Lol 😜

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  2. My first date with my fiance now we went to a local bar and had some food and drinks. I was so nervous about saying something dumb and her finding out she didn’t like me. SHe was actually a goofball herself her personality matched so well with mine she gave me a hope in the darkness when there was never a light to be found. SHe has mended my heart back to where it is ready to fully love again.


  3. My first date was when I was in the 9th grade. It was with a guy I had a crush on for years. We went to Outback Steakhouse and ate , then we went to the old movie theater off of Berkeley Blvd. It was a great night.

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  4. Most of us had our first dating experiences around Junior High. Its when we start learning about love life and relationships. It’s a journey that never ends.

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  5. My very first date was when I was in eighth grade and I had a crush on a red head blue eyed boy who played on the football team. I was afraid to ask him out because my friends told me he did no like me. It was the end of the week I went to my locker and the head headed blue eyed boy came up to me and asked me to go with him to our eighth grade Valentines dance. Of course I said Yes. I often think about my first date and first dance with the boy of my dreams.

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  6. keep on writing…i think my first date was walking at a mall when i was in college…it was sweet and i was initially sad that things didnt work out.

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